AREDN Project Donors List

We would like to acknowledge all the individuals, businesses and organizations who have kindly provided support for our initiative to bring high speed RF data networking to the mid Vancouver Island area.


  • VE7LSE Devan Banman
  • VA7DXX David Evans
  • VE7ODG Kyle McLaughlin
  • VE7TOP Chris Anton
  • VE7GDE Jack Olsen
  • VA7NCK Nick Cookson
  • VA7XSK Peter Rossiter
  • VA7WPM Mike Donnelly
  • VA7MJZ Pat Shaw
  • VE7RQX Ron Rowe
  • VE7JEY John Eyre
  • VE7ZLA John Garstang
  • VE7XLH Leonard Hooper
  • VE7EVS Willem van Schouweb
  • VE7AX Donald Mullis
  • VE7TOM Tom Mitchell
  • VE7BEF Rich Williams
  • John Bishop

Corporate and Organizational Sponsors

  • Island Communications
  • Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association
  • Mid Island Radio Association