Joining NARA

Membership Dues

Basic NARA Membership: $30.00
Family NARA Membership: $45.00
Repeater only Donation: $10.00

Mailing Address:
1415 Wingrove St.
Nanaimo, BC
V9S 3L8

Membership Dues are collected by the current treasurer every September with the cut-off for collection at the end of December.

It provides you with full access to all local repeaters and it also helps with the cost of maintaining our repeaters and Club projects. Members also benefit from Club purchases and supporting Amateur radio in the Mid Island area.

We are also pro–rating dues for those members who join halfway through the year. This is valid for new memberships only.

You do not have to be a licensed amateur operator to join NARA, but you may only operate NARA's amateur radio equipment in the presence of a licensed amateur. A good excuse to take NARA's ham training program at your earliest opportunity!

Please make cheques payable to: N.A.R.A. (Your cancelled cheque is your receipt.)

Download membership form:
NARA membership (NARA Membership app.doc)

***> IMPORTANT NOTICES for NEW members:
In order to receive timely announcements of NARA activities, you must subscribe to one or more of the mailing lists (
You can setup an account to have full access to the NARA Website (

New members may check the club roster to confirm receipt of their membership application form - please allow sufficient time for our volunteers to update this before assuming you've been ignored!

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