Kenwood TS440S /AT, Mic. & YK88S filter*, excellent condition.

Kenwood PS430 power supply

Cables, Manuals, original boxes $ 650.00

*Filter not installed

Coax cable RG 8U (all lengths approximate)
60 ft $30
130 ft $55
50 ft $25
(all 240 ft for $ 100)

Twin Lead, 60 ft $10

G5RV 10-80m dipole $20

I have the following items that will become available soon but are currently still packed up. There are not priced yet but if anyone is interested, email for more info. Note # 1: These items are also “collectables” but work great.
Eico signal generater 1
Tube tester 1
Powerstat ac voltage controller (0-140v, 7.5amps) 1
Dual trace 20mhz scope

Numerous old Hallicrafters & other radios (for restoration)

SX42, SX43, Sky Buddy, Sky Champion, ??

Geloso G4-214 (Italian, similar features to SX42)

Many older Amateur radio books (ex. ARRL Handbooks), service and restoration books & guides,

almost all “collectables”.

Following items FREE:

Computer mainframe switching power supplies, typical specs;

2 x 12V, 15-20 amp separate outputs

1 x 5V, 150 amp output

110 vac source

I have 6 of these to give away (3 different types), Likely most work (I had a couple working in the past) but regardless are an incredible source of high end parts (power transistors & diodes, caps up to 1,000ufd @ 200V, heat sinks, transformers, toroids, fans, etc.). These are heavy, commercial units and weight 10-15 lbs. And the price is right!

Triplitt LC 1200 line conditioner

(87 to 140 vac @ 12amps in, 110-115vac @ 10amps out)

2 banks of 2 outlets ea., noise suppression; 2 @ 25db & 2 @ 66db

Thanks VE7BGC

Brian Crawford VE7BGC

250-472-0098 (cell 250-415-8586)