NARA T-Shirts

Any T-shirts ordered prior to today, your price is honored.
any shirts order today going forward these are the prices. thank you.
I hope i covered all questions.
I will have receipts available once payment has been received.
Once order has been put in it will be approx 3 weeks for completion, pick up and delivery. i will try and work it so they will be there for the meetings :)

As of February 5th, 2019

T-Shirt Prices

Color choices : Black, Dark Blue or Grey please.


Small – XL - $20.00 plus tax

XXL - $22.00 plus tax

XXXL - $ 24.00 plus tax

XXXXL - $ 26.00

XXXXXL - $28.00 plus tax

Long sleeve add $5.00

Tall add $5.00


XS – Large - $20.00 plus tax

XL - $22.00 plus tax


(This is for the basic ball cap)

This gives you an embroidered call sign on the front.

$15.00 plus tax

If you want a “fancier hat” the add

$10 - $30 to the $15.00 depending on how fancy you want it.

add $3.00 for taxes ( this covers taxes and any fees for the t-shirt guy - I am not making any money off this. the prices I give you are the prices he gives me)

***apparently there are many types of ball hats.....the basic has the Velcro closure in the back to adjust the sizing. For kids it is the same pricing *********

*******As I have been asked to pass on all prices are subject to change however, he does not foresee any more changes until next year.******

If you are interested please contact Lanaya (VE7NAY) and I will be happy to take your order