NARA T-Shirts

T-shirts have been ordered!!!! :)

I got talking to my guy and he sells soft shell jackets that he can embroider your call sign on your arm, and he is willing to do that at $65.00 plus tax.....for small to XL......$69.00 for XXL....$73.00 for XXXL....$77.00 for XXXXL......$81.00 for XXXXXL......and kids are $65.00...these are all plus tax :) if you are interest please let me know and i will put in an order....and it is the same as t-shirts....the minimum order is 20 ( can be a mix of jackets, t-shirts, hats....but i have to have at least 20 items ordered )

if interested please contact Lanaya (VE7NAY) at or through facebook :)

Here's what our shirts will look like!!!!

So excited!!!!

Here's what the t shirts will look like!!!!!