Thanks to the Officers and Committee chairs for volunteering their time for the benefit of NARA members and Amateur Radio.

Officers 2016-2017

President: Ron Gibson VE7GOA 250-390-4157
Vice President Darren Olafson VA7DEO
Secretary Gerry Pement VE7BGP
Treasurer Bob Smits VE7HS 250-245-2553
I.P. President: Roger Stacey (Silent Key) VA7RS
Directors: Bill Manners VA7BMJ
Jack Olson VE7GDE
Randy Harvey VE7FAA


Repeater Committee Jack Olsen VE7GDE
Health & Welfare:
Training: Bob Smits VE7HS
Field Day: Ron Gibson VE7GOA
Online Communications Coordinator: Yvonne Findlay VA7YSF
Media and Community Relations: Yvonne Findlay VA7YSF
Bath Tub Race APRS Committee: Bob Smits VE7HS
Contest Committee Gerry Pement VE7BGP
I.T. Committee Dave Marshall VE7TWO