Dissolution of Netherlands Antilles Creates Four New DXCC Entities

The dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles has caused changes to the DXCC List.

Transforming Radio Amateurs of Canada

RAC has started a nation-wide change process for the organization. They are inviting all amateur radio operators to be a part of this change (members and non-members alike).

5.8 GHz Link

Update: January 6 2011. During the past few weeks the site was inundated with many feet of record snow. Icing possibly a foot thick covered the antenna causing the path to be lost. Well the link is back as good as ever and if anyone wonders how harsh a condition the NewCastle Ridge repeater site really is... just look at the links and attachments which show the progression of winter and how much snow NewCastle gets...

Cut and paste into your browser if the link doesn't open.

On Saturday September 4th 2010, NARA's members installed a 5.8 GHz data link to Comox, a distance of about 90 Km. A new link also connects the City of Nanaimo to NewCastle Ridge near Sayward on the North Island, a distance of over 204km. To view a live real-time image from a camera on NewCastle Ridge (4200'), please click the following link: (Updated July 13, 2011)

NARA Membership Dues

NARA Membership renewals are due 16 September 2010. The club year is from September to August.

ARRL Field Day June 25 – 26, 2011

NARA will be participating in Field Day this year. We will be operating from the Club station under the EOC category.

Emergency Communications Group Net

The NARA ECG Net is held every Tuesday night on 146.64 MHz (no tone) at 19:00. The purpose of this net is to practice the handling of formal traffic using the NTS format.
As a challenge for the month of June I would like all ECG members to send a total of four or more messages. Messages can be as brief as you like, and any subject that is suitable for amateur radio is fine.

If you are not a member of the ECG please contact Matthew @ va7mjl@gmail.com. All Amateurs are welcome to take part in this net.

73 de VA7MJL

Public Service and Amateur Radio

Recent discussions around the club station led me to contact Industry Canada about Amateur Radio volunteers and public events, whether non-profit or for profit events.

B. C. Boaters' Net 2011

The British Columbia Boaters' Net is held on the Island Trunk System daily throughout the summer boating season. This net normally operates from 17:00 hrs to around 18:00 local time depending on traffic and check-ins. The ITS looks forward to hearing from marine/boating friends who have shared their experiences in previous years. For further information on the B. C. Boaters net check their website.


ARRL June 2011 VHF QSO Party

ARRL June VHF QSO Party is held on the second full weekend in June. Begins @ 1800 UTC Saturday, ends Sunday @ 0300 UTC

QRZ System Announcement

QRZ is pleased to announce two major developments in its evolution. After many months of program and systems development, QRZ will shortly make available an online Logbook that will be accessible by all of its Ham users. In addition, we are announcing today that QRZ will begin issuing operating awards and certificates for all classes of on-air activities with direct coupling to our online Logbook and Callsign Database.

Vancouver Island Ham Happenings 2011

Sponsor: Cowichan Valley Amateur Radio Society
Start date: Sunday, August 28, 2011
End date: Sunday, August 28, 2011
Closest town: Duncan, BC
Directions to location: The new Cowichan Exhibition Grounds, just North of Duncan at 7380 Trans Canada Hwy, Duncan, BC V9L 6B1.

Emergency Communications Group Radio Manual

Please familiarize yourself will the Kenwood TM-D710 radios. These radios are used at NARA Net Control, the Nanaimo EOC, RDN EOC, and at various reception centers.

If you would like some assistance and training please contact Matt Lewis va7mjl@gmail.com

Haiti Earthquake

On Tuesday, January 12 at 4:53 PM, Haiti time (2153) UTC a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit 15 kilometers west of Port-au-Prince, the nation's capital. Communications in and out of Haiti have been disrupted. The RAC requests that all Canadian Hams be aware of the emergency operations on the following frequencies: 7.045 3.720 MHz (IARU Region 2 ets), 14.265, 7.265 and 3.977 MHz (SATERN Nets), and 14.300 MHz (Intercontinental Assistance and Traffic Net). The International Radio Emergency Support Coalition (IRESC) is also active on EchoLink node 278173.

Amateur Radio Certification Course

The Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association will be offering an amateur radio training course to the public beginning Wednesday February 3rd 2010. The course will teach all the necessary technical knowledge and required operating regulations to obtain an amateur radio certificate issued by Industry Canada.

MOTOR VEHICLE AMENDMENT ACT, 2009 (Amateur Radio Now Exempt)

Please check the attachment (electronic-devices-while-driving-info.pdf) for the latest news as of December 18, 2009.

November CQ magazine bath tub article

I've scanned in and made into a pdf file the CQ magazine feature on the Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association and the Bath Tub event. Download and view in your favorite pdf viewer. [CQmagazine.pdf]

CQWW Contest Results

Great band conditions! Read on to see results.

Rub-A-Dub-Dub NARA Amateurs and a Tub

NARA's Bath Tub Race Communications team highlighted in an upcoming CQ magazine article.

144.390 VE7NA (NAN39) APRS Digipeater

A 144.390 APRS Digipeater has been installed at our repeater site. The VE7NA (NAN39) APRS Digipeater is now operational at our repeater site. http://aprs.fi/?call=NAN39&mt=h&z=11&timerange=10800

Military Radiolocation System to Operate on 70 cm.

As described in Schedule I of RBR-4, amateur usage of the 430-450 MHz (70 cm) band is on a no-protection,non-interference basis.

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