comox swap meet

OK, guys - it's a go!
The Comox Valley ARC presents The Vernal Equinox (approximately) Swap
Meet Sunday, 26 March, 2017, 10:00 to 14:00
1298 Military Row, Building # 386 SQN (western boundary of Comox Airforce property)
Tables $10.00, people $3.00
Sellers in at 08:30, buyers in at 10:00
Talk-in on the club repeater: 146.780, pl: 141.3

Fox hunt antenna building session

Who is interested in this session? Whos interested in Fox hunting?

We want to start in April!

let me know.


NARA General Membership Meeting Thursday 9th March 7pm

General Membership Meeting
Thursday 9th

Meet the new hams that have passed the last exam and welcome them to the club.
The award for highest mark will be awarded during the meeting.

Hope to see you all there



Roger Gibson VA7RCG was found deceased this morning.
Our condolences to his entire family and friends.
Although he was a new member of the club, he deserves the respect of now being a Silent Key.
If there is any further news, President Ron Gibson will send out the information.

On behalf of Ron VE7GOA
this information is now released.

The 2017 BARC Annual Swap Meet is Sunday, March 05 anyone want to carpool?

Swap Meet
The 2017 BARC Annual Swap Meet is Sunday, March 05 at the Queensborough Community Centre in New Westminster from 10:00am until 1:00pm. (more info)
General Admission: $6 (children 12 and under are free)
Vendor Tables: $25 each (includes one person). If you are sharing a table, add $6.00 per additional person.  We require the names and call signs of all vendors for our records.
To reserve a Vendor Table please contact Lou, VE7CGE at or Phone: 604-291-1569

Let Jack or Devan know if you want to carpool.

Bitex 40m 5w qrp ssb transciver

Let Jack know if your interested in the group purchasing of this. its about 59$ USD.

VA7RS CELEBRATION OF LIFE arrangements February 11th

The Celebration of LIfe for Roger Stacey will be held this Saturday from 1-3pm at the Sands Funeral Home #1 Newcastle Ave, Nanaimo BC. Coffee and Sandwiches will be available. Also available will be a photo board so if you have any photos you wish to share please bring them along.
Paul Giffin VA7MPG


It is with great sadness that I have to advise you of the death of Roger Stacey in the early morning hours of Tuesday Feb 7 2017.

Rogers impact , dedication, and knowledge will be missed by the ham community

There will be a gathering, probably this weekend, to celebrate Roger's life.

When more information is available I will send another email.

Paul Giffin VA7MPG

NARA General Meeting Thursday 9th February 2017

Please join us for the February General meeting being held at the clubhouse on Wingrove.
7pm February 9th 2017.
Minutes for January have been mailed out to members if you have not received your copy please email me at va7ysf at and i will mail out asap.

Winter Field Day Results

VE7NA was activated for Winter Field Day on Saturday Jan 28th. Results 23 QSO's and 4500 Bonus Points total 4546 Points. We set up using Portable Station operating on Portable Buddy Pole Antennas. Thanks go out to all who helped and operated. Thanks go out to Linda VE7JLO for providing the Chili for lunch.
Gerry VE7BGP

winter field day update

Saturday Jan 28th we will be operating at pipers lagoon. Setup 930am and it starts 11am. We will be preparing down at the club tonight 7pm.

NARA General meeting 7pm Thursday 12th January 2017

Please join us for the first NARA meeting of the year... General meeting 7.00 pm Thursday 12th January.
If there is anything any members would like to be added to the minutes please contact Ron Gibson
Looking forward to another amazing year with fabulous NARA members.


FOR SALE - marine radio and other stuff

I have been ask to advertise the following equipment that belonged to SK Len Engst VE7LWE.
All items are in excellent condition and come with necessary cables and instruction booklets, radio includes microphone.
Would prefer to sell all 3 as a package but will consider individual offers. Package Price - $3115 OBO
Separate prices as shown:
ICOM IC-M700 PRO SSB Radio Telephone - $2099
ICOM Automatic Antenna Tuner AT-130 - $675
USP Multimode Pactor Controller SCS PTC-llusb - $660

Please contact Joan Engst if interested.

winter field day

We are going to participate in winter field day this year. Jan 28th and 29th. Still looking for a location. Stay tuned for information.

NARA Executive meeting Thursday 5th Jamnuary 2107 7pm

Happy New Year to you all...
Hope you all had a good Christmas.

Back to the day to day humdrum...
work, pay bills, etc
Then the fun begins...
NARA meetings and events!!!

Please join us at 7pm

Thursday 5th January

Executive meeting.

NARA members are welcome to attend but are not able to vote.


2017 special callsigns

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Canada 150: Special Event Prefixes for Canada’s Sesquicentennial

2016-06-12 BY ALAN GRIFFIN

Can150logo_engAs previously announced at the Dayton Hamvention, Radio Amateurs of Canada has secured permission for all Canadian Radio Amateurs to use special call sign prefixes to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation.

National, regional and local events will take place throughout 2017 to celebrate the anniversary and Canadian Amateurs will let their counterparts around the world know of our celebration by using the following special prefixes:

Amateurs and clubs whose regular call signs start with VA will be able to use the CF prefix instead of VA (for example, VA3RAC will be authorized to use the CF3RAC call sign).
Amateurs and clubs whose regular call signs start with VE will be able to use the CG prefix instead of VE (e.g., VE4RAC will be authorized to use CG4RAC).
Amateurs and clubs whose regular call signs start with VO will be able to use the CH prefix instead of VO (e.g., VO1RAC will be authorized to use CH1RAC).
Amateurs and clubs whose regular call signs start with VY will be able to use the CI prefix instead of VY (e.g., VY2RAC will be authorized to use CI2RAC).
These special prefixes are optional and Amateurs can choose if and when to use the special prefix vs their normal prefix at any time during the year. Stay tuned to the RAC website for additional information

Special portable call


Industry Canada has authorized the use of the VE100VIMY call sign for portable operations from Canadian call areas from January 1, 2017 to March 30, 2017. Each Province and Territory has been given one week where stations can operate using the call VE100VIMY/VEn. Operations are being coordinated by a volunteer coordinator in each Province.
The VE7: Operating schedule will be from Sunday Feb 12, 00:00 UTC to Saturday Feb 18, 2359 UTC

For complete information please go to the Vimy website and select the PORTABLE OPERATIONS tab.
Macros are available for use or as guidelines which I can provide when you book your operating time.
The website provides guidelines which you will find very helpful for different activity levels. Also, there are directions to help with logging and how to submit your logs.
Thanks for participating and please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions.
Fred VE7IO
VE7Vimy portable operations coordinator

REMINDER NARA executive meeting on Thursday December 1st at 7.00pm

Please join us for the NARA Executive meeting 7.00 pm Thursday 1st December.
If there is anything any members would like to be added to the minutes please contact Ron Gibson


Christmas dinner

Nara Christmas dinner will be December 8th Thursday night at 6pm at alexandras restaurant. It's located corner of Bowen rd and Northfield.

See you there
Please rsvp to

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 18:00

NARA General Meeting Thursday 10th November 7pm

Please join us for the NARA General meeting 7.00 pm Thursday 10th November.
If there is anything any members would like to be added to the minutes please contact Ron Gibson


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