New Show - Shaw channel 4 - Head On - forwarded from Paul Giffin

Good Day

I have just been advised that SHAW TV will be running a show called Head On on Channel 4 ( in Nanaimo) This show will feature interviews with Karen Lindsay of Nanaimo and Aaron Dawson ( EPC Parksville). I have not as yet seen the show, but I am given to understand there is information on Ham Radio presented during the show.

Head On has several different smaller "shows"all of which are rotated so I can't give a specific time of when this segment will be aired. Just a heads up for you in case you watch Shaw.


2 Explosions at Boston Marathon finish line

Just received a press release from CQ magazine...
The Associated Press is reporting two explosions at the finish line of today's Boston Marathon, resulting in an as-yet unknown number of injuries. Amateur radio operators have long provided course communications for the event and we assume there were hams among those at the finish line. We do not know at this time whether any hams were among the injured.

Updates will be provided on the CQ Newsroom

as additional information becomes available.

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Amateur Radio Certification Course

The Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association will be offering an amateur radio training course to the public beginning Wednesday February 3rd 2010. The course will teach all the necessary technical knowledge and required operating regulations to obtain an amateur radio certificate issued by Industry Canada.

NARA TV Appearance

UPDATE: Below is a copy of the video segment which has been airing continuously since Thursday, November 13.

Shaw is set to air a segment about NARA on Thursday evenings and the weekend. The segment will air during community programming on channel 4.

The player will show in this paragraph