The 146.64 Repeater Now Dual Mode

The 146.64 repeater has now been replaced with the Yaesu C4FM FDMA repeater. Both digital and analog users may use the repeater. Great news, you don't have to wait for the courtesy tone, cuz there isn't one.

5.8 GHz Link

Update: January 6 2011. During the past few weeks the site was inundated with many feet of record snow. Icing possibly a foot thick covered the antenna causing the path to be lost. Well the link is back as good as ever and if anyone wonders how harsh a condition the NewCastle Ridge repeater site really is... just look at the links and attachments which show the progression of winter and how much snow NewCastle gets...

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On Saturday September 4th 2010, NARA's members installed a 5.8 GHz data link to Comox, a distance of about 90 Km. A new link also connects the City of Nanaimo to NewCastle Ridge near Sayward on the North Island, a distance of over 204km. To view a live real-time image from a camera on NewCastle Ridge (4200'), please click the following link: (Updated July 13, 2011)

B. C. Boaters' Net 2011

The British Columbia Boaters' Net is held on the Island Trunk System daily throughout the summer boating season. This net normally operates from 17:00 hrs to around 18:00 local time depending on traffic and check-ins. The ITS looks forward to hearing from marine/boating friends who have shared their experiences in previous years. For further information on the B. C. Boaters net check their website.

144.390 VE7NA (NAN39) APRS Digipeater

A 144.390 APRS Digipeater has been installed at our repeater site. The VE7NA (NAN39) APRS Digipeater is now operational at our repeater site.

Military Radiolocation System to Operate on 70 cm.

As described in Schedule I of RBR-4, amateur usage of the 430-450 MHz (70 cm) band is on a no-protection,non-interference basis.

Echolink/IRLP on Island Trunk System

Echolink/IRLP has been installed on 444.725.

NARA's 444.725 Repeater is Now on Mt Benson

Our 444.725 UHF repeater has now been installed on Mt Benson. The repeater is approximately 1000m or 3,300 feet ASL and will offer great coverage. Pictures of the installation will be posted on the web page shortly. Any signal reports outside Nanaimo would be appreciated. The repeater requires a 141.3 pl tone.

NARA's 146.980 Repeater is On The Air

NARA's 146.980 is now on the air in Ladysmith.

Repeater VE7DJA 145.430MHz PL Tone of 141.3hz

The Nanaimo repeater, VE7DJA on 145.43 MHz, has a new 141.3 subaudible tone.

443.900 UHF Repeater

Our 443.900 repeater now has a 141.3 pl tone on it.

Operating Tips

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Island Trunk System

The Island Trunk System aims to provide a network of open Amateur radio repeaters, for general and emergency communications use, throughout Vancouver Island, surrounding waters and parts of the lower mainland on the West Coast of British Columbia Canada.

NARA maintains 2 repeaters which link into the system. For detailed information on the trunk system please refer to the ITS website at


NARA Repeaters

The Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association owns and operates 5 voice repeaters, 2 IRLP nodes and 1 EchoLink nodes in the area. They are all open repeaters.

VE7DJA (145.430)

Island Trunk System Repeater

Site: Lost Lake Watershed Site, 600ft ASL
Mode: VHF FM Voice (141.3 TSQL)
Repeater: Daniels MT-3 30W
Antenna: ComProd 1/2 wave spaced 4 pole Collinear
Feedline: Andrews LDF5-50 7/8 inch hardline
Duplexer:ComProd 6 cavity 66-13-46
Controller: Link Communications RLC-4
Link: Island Trunk System - 43* ON 44* OFF
EchoLink: #428436
IRLP: Node #1755

VA7ANI (146.980) Yaesu C4FM FDMA System Fusion WIRES X FM

Site: Nanaimo (Rock City Rd), 250ft ASL
Mode: C4FM FDMA 141.3 TSQL
Repeater: VHF Yaesu DRX-1DR System Fusion
Antenna: Sinclair 210 C4
Feedline: Andrews LDF4-50A 1/2" Heliax
Duplexer:COMPROD 66-13-44

VE7DJA (443.900) Yaesu C4FM FDMA System Fusion WIRES X NODE VE7NA-ND

Site: Lost Lake Watershed Site, 600ft ASL
Mode: UHF C4FM FDMA 141.3 TSQ
Repeater: Yaesu System Fusion DR2X (443.900, +5MHz offset)
Antenna: COMPROD 4 pole UHF 1/4 wave spaced collinear
Feedline: Andrews LDF5-50A 7/8" Heliax
Duplexer:COMPROD 66-40-44
Controller: DR2X

VE7ISC (146.640)

Site: Lost Lake Watershed Site
Mode: FM (-600Hz offset)141.3 ctcss
Repeater: VHFDaniels MT-3 30W
Antenna: Sinclair 210 C-4
Feedline: Andrews LDF5-50 7/8 inch hardline
Duplexer: ComProd 6 cavity 66-13-46
Controller: Link Communications

VA7ITS (444.725)

Island Trunk System Repeater

Site: Mount Benson (3300 feet)
Mode: UHF FM Voice (141.3Hz pl) +5.0MHz offset
Repeater: Daniels MT-3 30W
Controller: NHRC
Antenna: ComProd 774-70 8.0dBd gain 4 pole 1/2 wave spaced collinear
Feedline: Andrews LDF-4 1/2 inch hardline
Duplexer: COMPROD 66-40-44
Power: 180Ah Pb battery charged from redundant diesel generators
Link: Island Trunk System - 472* ON 473* OFF
EchoLink: #428436
IRLP: Node #1755

Island Trunk System

Our VE7DJA and VA7ITS repeaters are connected the Island Trunking System and are capable of being put on and off the trunk via simple DTMF command. Please visit for thorough information on this system.

Site Information:

Lost Lake Watershed

All equipment at this site has full battery backup power

Altitude: 183m ASL
Tower Height: 72' (22m)
Power: Hydro Grid, and Batteries
Batteries: Surrette S-530 Ah

Rock City Rd

Power:Batteries and A/C
Elevation: 250 ft

Mount Benson

Power: Multiple 5kW UPS systems fed by a redundant arrangement of diesel generators. Solar power is not a viable option due to the extreme vandalism experienced in the area.
Elevation: 1002m (~3200 feet)
Notes: We have Sulo @ Cercomm-Communications to thank for his gracious hospitality

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