Code of Conduct

Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association

Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to identify standards of behavior by which all members of NARA must abide. Members who violate the Code of Conduct may have their membership revoked or suspended.


Members will carry out their activities to the best of their abilities.

Members will seek to develop and maintain skills necessary to the performance of an amateur radio operator.

Members will not publicly criticize fellow members, NARA, or other organizations involved in amateur radio.

Members will not use insulting, harassing, or otherwise offensive language while serving as a member of NARA.

Members will conduct themselves in a manner that positively supports NARA’s policies and guidelines.

Personal Conduct

Members are expected to work as part of a team, with personal and team safety always at the forefront.

Members will treat others, including other members, guests, and individuals of other organizations, with respect and dignity.

Members will not engage in violence, harassment, abusive behavior, or discrimination members will carry out activities in an honest and professional manner.

Members shall act in a professional, positive and polite manner when dealing with the public and during club events.

Conflict of Interest

Members will avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest.

Members will declare involvement in any form of self-employment or private business which competes with programs or services supported by NARA which could be considered a conflict of interest.

Members who find themselves in a conflict of interest will self-declare to the executive of NARA.


Members will not use NARA facilities, supplies or equipment without permission.

Members will appropriately care for any materials entrusted to them and return all borrowed equipment and supplies.

Members will observe all laws.

Members will dress appropriately during meetings or other club activities.

Members will not participate in NARA activities while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Members will conduct meetings and club activities in accordance with NARA policies; when there is no written NARA standard, the standard of care shall be that of the related industry.

If a member is unclear of any element of the code of conduct, the member will seek out clarity from the NARA executive.


February 2019

February 2 - Day 5 for the Advanced Radio class---------10 am - 2 PM

February 9 - Day 6 for the Advanced Radio class-------- 10 am - 2 pm

February 14 - Valentines day

February 14 - General Meeting all welcome to attend---- 7 pm - ?

February 16 - Day 7 for the Advanced Radio class ------ 10 am - 2 pm

February 21 - Tech night at the NARA club -- Topic TBD- 7 pm - ?

February 23 - EXAM!!! for Advanced Radio class!! Good luck everyone!!!---- 10 am - ?

March 2019

March 2 - 2019's first Fox Hunt --- Coffee at 9 AM Fox Hunt starts at 10 AM - ?

March 14 - General meeting all welcome to attend ------- 7 pm - ?

April 2019

April 18 - World Amateur Radio Day

Gathering to tidy up around the NARA building Time and date TBD

May 2019

Parks on the Air - Date and time TBD

May 11 - Open house and Spring BBQ!!! Time TBD

June 2019

Summer Field Day - June 22 - 23 Place TDB

July 2019

July 1 - Canada Day Contest - more info TBD

July 21 - Bathtub Weekend - more info TBD

August 2019

VIEX - 23-25 - more info TBD

September 2019

Basic Amateur Radio class - more info TBD

October 2019

events TBD

November 2019

Events TBD

December 2019

Events TBD


Months Prior in the Year


January 2019

January 5 - Day 1 of Advanced Radio class

January 10 - General Meeting

January 12 - Day 2 for the Advanced Radio class

January 19 - Day 3 for the Advanced Radio class

January 24 - Club work bee to prep for winter field day

January 26 - Winter Field day

January 26 - Day 4 for the Advanced Radio Class

January 31 - General gathering and debrief of winter field day and club clean up - all welcome to attend ----- 7 pm - ?

NARA T-Shirts

Any T-shirts ordered prior to today, your price is honored.
any shirts order today going forward these are the prices. thank you.
I hope i covered all questions.
I will have receipts available once payment has been received.
Once order has been put in it will be approx 3 weeks for completion, pick up and delivery. i will try and work it so they will be there for the meetings :)

As of February 5th, 2019

T-Shirt Prices

Color choices : Black, Dark Blue or Grey please.


Small – XL - $20.00 plus tax

XXL - $22.00 plus tax

XXXL - $ 24.00 plus tax

XXXXL - $ 26.00

XXXXXL - $28.00 plus tax

Long sleeve add $5.00

Tall add $5.00


XS – Large - $20.00 plus tax

XL - $22.00 plus tax


(This is for the basic ball cap)

This gives you an embroidered call sign on the front.

$15.00 plus tax

If you want a “fancier hat” the add

$10 - $30 to the $15.00 depending on how fancy you want it.

add $3.00 for taxes ( this covers taxes and any fees for the t-shirt guy - I am not making any money off this. the prices I give you are the prices he gives me)

***apparently there are many types of ball hats.....the basic has the Velcro closure in the back to adjust the sizing. For kids it is the same pricing *********

*******As I have been asked to pass on all prices are subject to change however, he does not foresee any more changes until next year.******

If you are interested please contact Lanaya (VE7NAY) and I will be happy to take your order

General Gathering

Hello All!!!!

On Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 7:00 PM at NARA (1415 Wingrove St.
Nanaimo B.C.) there will be a General Gathering to go over Winter Field day ( January 26, 2019 ) and go over all the stats, what went well, what we could improve on and any other information that could make future field days a success.

Also there will be a general clean up of the the NARA club house.

We welcome all to come and offer input and help!


Selling Icom radio n assessories

Selling my IC-720A, IC-PS15 & IC-SP3
Make me an offer...


Kenwood TS440S /AT, Mic. & YK88S filter*, excellent condition.

Kenwood PS430 power supply

Cables, Manuals, original boxes $ 650.00

*Filter not installed

Coax cable RG 8U (all lengths approximate)
60 ft $30
130 ft $55
50 ft $25
(all 240 ft for $ 100)

Twin Lead, 60 ft $10

G5RV 10-80m dipole $20

I have the following items that will become available soon but are currently still packed up. There are not priced yet but if anyone is interested, email for more info. Note # 1: These items are also “collectables” but work great.
Eico signal generater 1
Tube tester 1
Powerstat ac voltage controller (0-140v, 7.5amps) 1
Dual trace 20mhz scope

Numerous old Hallicrafters & other radios (for restoration)

SX42, SX43, Sky Buddy, Sky Champion, ??

Geloso G4-214 (Italian, similar features to SX42)

Many older Amateur radio books (ex. ARRL Handbooks), service and restoration books & guides,

almost all “collectables”.

Following items FREE:

Computer mainframe switching power supplies, typical specs;

2 x 12V, 15-20 amp separate outputs

1 x 5V, 150 amp output

110 vac source

I have 6 of these to give away (3 different types), Likely most work (I had a couple working in the past) but regardless are an incredible source of high end parts (power transistors & diodes, caps up to 1,000ufd @ 200V, heat sinks, transformers, toroids, fans, etc.). These are heavy, commercial units and weight 10-15 lbs. And the price is right!

Triplitt LC 1200 line conditioner

(87 to 140 vac @ 12amps in, 110-115vac @ 10amps out)

2 banks of 2 outlets ea., noise suppression; 2 @ 25db & 2 @ 66db

Thanks VE7BGC

Brian Crawford VE7BGC


250-472-0098 (cell 250-415-8586)


Tower section moving Sunday 7th May at 2 PM - HELP REQUIRED

I just spoke with Martin and 2 PM Sunday for work party is great.

There are three double Delhi tower sections to move from the back yard to our flatbed trailer. We can take those apart quickly as well if needed. Plus the 10 foot aluminum base to carry. The antenna is basically disassembled to short elements but needs the boom pulled apart to fit the antenna on the trailer.

The more the better as will go faster. We are good for unloading at our place as have the tractor to do the lifting.

The address is 2021 Frost Birch Way (VE7MM Martin’s place) just off Cinnabar and the old highway and will be on 146.64 on the way there.

Estimated time less than an hour.





Anyone able to help Tom Mitchell ??? Need some help, one or two people, to carry disassembled tower sections in the Cinnabar area from a back yard to a flat deck trailer. Probably less than an hour.
Possible times are Thursday May 4th, Saturday afternoon or Sunday. Early evenings also possible. If those dates don’t line up then can arrange for the following week.

Tom VE7TOM - 250-999-2430 - VE7TOM@gmail.com Thanks in advance


60 foot Delhi HD tower with modified tilt-over feature at base and including thrust bearing.

8 element Cushcraft ASL2010 Log Periodic, recently refurbished.

Tail Twister Rotor, factory re-built last year.


Disassembled and ready to go.

Picture emailed on request

Relocation forces sale

Martin VE7MM

250 754 2021 - Nanaimo


VA7RS CELEBRATION OF LIFE arrangements February 11th

The Celebration of LIfe for Roger Stacey will be held this Saturday from 1-3pm at the Sands Funeral Home #1 Newcastle Ave, Nanaimo BC. Coffee and Sandwiches will be available. Also available will be a photo board so if you have any photos you wish to share please bring them along.
Paul Giffin VA7MPG

FOR SALE - marine radio and other stuff

I have been ask to advertise the following equipment that belonged to SK Len Engst VE7LWE.
All items are in excellent condition and come with necessary cables and instruction booklets, radio includes microphone.
Would prefer to sell all 3 as a package but will consider individual offers. Package Price - $3115 OBO
Separate prices as shown:
ICOM IC-M700 PRO SSB Radio Telephone - $2099
ICOM Automatic Antenna Tuner AT-130 - $675
USP Multimode Pactor Controller SCS PTC-llusb - $660

Please contact Joan Engst if interested. joan.engst@gmail.com


Please could you send me your email address if you would like to receive NARA updates, minutes, etc.
I will be continuing to send out email reminders and keep the webpage up to date to assist the new executive.
Please email to va7ysf@gmail.com
73 Yvonne


NARAs new executive is now updated on the webpage. Thank you to all that have volunteered.

Monday night 2m net on the Island Trunk System

The net is held every Monday night on the ITS at 8pm.
See you there!

80m/10m Sunday night net

The net will be every Sunday night at 8pm on 3.744mhz lsb and 28.500 mhz usb. We will start with voice checkins and cw practice for anyone wanting to do that on 80m then swing up to 10m and have voice checkins there.
Hope to see u there.

Sun, 11/01/2015 - 20:00 - Tue, 11/01/2016 - 20:00



Saturday 18th APRIL 2015 1pm - 7pm Demonstrations of voice and digital modes. Foxhunt. Cake, Hotdogs, Refreshments available.

If members are able to come and contribute some time to the above this would be appreciated.

Contact Ron Gibson VE7GOA 250 714 6819 ve7goa@gmail.com for more information.

Radio Amateurs of Canada Holds Line on Affiliated Club Insurance Prices

For well over a decade the Radio Amateurs of Canada has been seeking out insurance for members and affiliated amateur radio clubs. Many clubs view this service as one of the major benefits that RAC provides. From time to time RAC has gone to the market to find the best cost/benefit for its members. We are pleased to advise that through our broker AON we have new a carrier (Intact Insurance) and that costs will not increase for 2015. Currently insured clubs have received renewal forms and will be invoiced upon receipt of the forms by our office.

Canadian Amateurs Authorized to use Special Prefix in Their Call Signs

In remembrance of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Empress of Ireland, Canadian Amateurs may use the prefixes; CF for VA, CG for VE, CH for VO, CI for VY. Of the 1,477 people aboard, 1,012 perished in 14 minutes.

9M2SE Pangkor Island IOTA DXpedition

My name is Piju and my call sign is 9M2PJU and I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I would like to announce about 9M2SE Malaysian Special Expedition Team Island On The Air (IOTA) AS-072 activation and DXpedition on 7, 8 and 9 November 2014.

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