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CQ Reconsiders Its Policy on Crimea for CQ-Sponsored Contests

CQ has reversed its just-announced policy that it would no longer accept logs for any CQ-sponsored contest from stations in Crimea operating with Russian-issued call signs and is adopting a new policy that is in harmony with ARRL’s DXCC policy. In announcing the shift, CQ Publisher Dick Ross, K2MGA, cited concerns raised by “a large number of contesters around the world” that CQ was unfairly denying Crimean radio amateurs the opportunity to fully participate in CQ-sponsored contests.

CQWW Contest Results

Our NARA Club Station VE7NA took part in the CQWW DX Contest on October 27 & 28th. Everyone had a great time who came out to Participate. Results were 135 QSO's, 344 QSO Points, 84 Multipliers and a Claimed Score of 28,896 Points. Again a New Ham Dennis VE7VFA got to get his first taste of working DX. Other Operators were Katherine VA7KLB, Devan VE7LSE, Walter VA7ANI, Dave VE7DVJ, Sean Hood got to operate and work a few DX stations, hopefully soon he will have his Call and myself Gerry VE7BGP.
thank-you to all who came out on a wet weekend to Participate after a wet Fox Hunt. I set up for the Contest after the Koffee Klatch. Thanks to all who came out and help make this a success & fun event.
Gerry VE7BGP Contest Director

CQWPX Contest Results

Our VE7NA Club Station took part in the CQWPX Contest this past weekend of March 24 & 25th. We managed to man the station almost 20 out of 48 hours of the Contest Duration. We managed to beat last year's score by quite a few QSO's & Points.

CQ World-Wide WPX Contest

The WPX contest is based on an award offered by CQ Magazine for working all prefixes. Held on the last weekend of March (SSB) and May (CW), the contest draws thousands of entries from around the world.

CQ WPX contest results

251 QSO's
186 multipliers
Grand total: 118,854

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