Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association Announcement

In the early hours of March 17, a fire ravaged the city-owned building
which houses the Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association at 1415 Wingrove Street.
Update for all NARA members on the situation of the Departure Bay Community Centre fire of March 17 NARA has now removed all of its belongings from the former clubhouse at 1415 Wingrove Street. Over March 21-22 numerous volunteers came together to collect, sort, inventory, package, and remove items for storage.
Thanks to cooperation from the City of Nanaimo we were able to spend the time required to complete this task. At about 3 pm on March 22 the last item, the antenna trailer, rolled out of the emptied bay for the last time.
Next steps are now under discussion by the NARA executive. But the first task is to extend great thanks and much appreciation to all those who organized and helped with this challenging work. 
As the process of finding NARA a new home moves ahead you the members will be kept informed.
Thanks again to all.
The Nara Executive

The Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association is made up of members of the community stretching from Courtenay to Duncan on Vancouver Island. Our membership includes a diverse group of people interested in the many facets of radio communication such as packet, CW or morse code communication, as well as 2, 40, and 80 meter voice communication. As partners in the community, NARA is also very active with community events such as communications for the internationally renowned Bathtub race and others.

Please consider joining NARA and supporting Amateur radio in the area.

Nanaimo Amateur Radio Assoc.
6314 McGirr Road
Nanaimo V9V 1B7

E-mail: nara.ve7na@gmail.com

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We also have a NARA Facebook Group that has a wealth of information on it. We would love to see you join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/nararadio/

Check Out the Monday night island trunk net Facebook page as well! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1158291334229364/