Mid Island AREDN Data Net

Bringing High Speed Amateur Radio Data Networking To Mid Vancouver Island.

We have started a project to establish an amateur radio high speed data mesh network using RF for the Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Gabriola Island, Parksville, Qualicum Beach and Sunshine Coast areas. 

Why do we want to do this. Here’s just a partial list of what we can use this for:
* Multiple Voice Channels (Digital) * Texting and Email Applications
* Winlink Packet Radio * Remote Station Control and Monitoring
* Repeater Site Control and Monitoring * Video * Radio Hotspots
And that’s just a partial list, all using RF links.

We now have the opportunity to take this project to the next level by setting up a series of data relay stations at some of the very best communication sites in mid Vancouver Island.

This Is Where We Need Your Help

This project is being done on a volunteer basis and while we are off to a good start to move forward we will need your help. Making a donation to support this effort makes possible all the equipment, radios and sector antennas required to set up these shared relay stations. Putting this infrastructure in place will truly make this an RF enabled system.

The process is easy,  simply click on the DONATE button shown above and you can immediately make a donation using your credit card or PayPal account.  Donations can also be accepted by E-Transfer by emailing your E-Transfer to our club treasurer:
E-transfer to NARAETRANS413@gmail.com )
and it will auto-deposit into NARA’s chequing account. Please indicate this is an AREDN Infrastructure donation. The project is being sponsored under the auspices of the Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association which is facilitating the collection and handling of donations for this project.

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