The Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association runs a variety of nets and are open to anyone to join in.

Monday Night Island Trunk Net

ACTIVE: 20:00 local on the Island Trunk System.

Net control Sked

Net Controller List:

20: Jack
27: Devan

11: Ron
18: Brent
25: Chris

Koffee Klatch Net

OFF AIR: Saturdays 9:00 local on 146.640 VE7ISC repeater

220 Net

Active: Saturday 10:30 local on 224.040 – 141.3 tone VA7DXH repeater

2m SSB Net

Active: Saturday 10:45 local on 144.210 Mhz USB
Most are on vertical antennas for now

Saturday Vancouver Island 6m net

ACTIVE: 11:00 local on 50.150 Mhz USB.

Daily Wrong Button Club

ACTIVE: 09:00 local on 3.744Mhz LSB

Sunday Afternoon HF 80m Net

ACTIVE: Summer time 17:30 local on 3.744 Mhz LSB

INACTIVE: Winter time 16:30 Local on 3.744 Mhz LSB

WiresX CQ Canada Room

ACTIVE: Wednesday 18:00 local on VA7ANI 146.980 with TSQL of 141.3 Hz C4FM, and VE7DJA 443.900 with TSQL of 141.3 Hz C4FM.

Links to other nets in the area: