Ham Radio Course

NARA’s main training objectives are:

  • To assist those interested in amateur radio to obtain their ISED Basic certificate.
  • Once a basic certificate has been obtained the holder may immediately apply for their own call sign and get on the air.
    • NARA holds a once-a-year Basic course starting in October each year.  The course is presently given via Zoom and takes place over some ten weeks with a 2-hour session once a week
    • The course is visually orientated and includes many typical exam questions
    • If required, NARA will consider providing recordings of its most recent Zoom courses to those to wish to study outside of the Fall season.  Please use the email address below
    • NARA will provide post Basic certificate courses in the form of handouts to those interested in getting going on the VHF/UHF bands or the HF bands. These handout courses are an ideal start for newly licensed amateurs
  • To assist those seeking to pass the ISED 5 words per minute Morse test with advice
  • NARA does not at present provide training for the Advanced Exam

Further details can be obtained by emailing training@ve7na.ca