Member Purchases

A place for members to pay for purchases from the club. Please coordinate with the club treasurer for purchase and payment. Contact Jack VE7GDE for coax purchase pickups. Please select the type of purchase from the drop down menu after you click the DONATE button.



E-transfer to


Prices per foot:

RG213  super flex   $1.60
LMR400   $1.60
BR240      $1.00
RG8X       $0.75


All righty gang…. it’s that time of year again…..It’s SWAG time!!!!Please email me your order….I will not be entering the order until May 1 2024…All payments to be sent to: No password needed If you must use a password please use: Nara . If you want it shipped to you, please include mailing addy, phone number to your order. If you have an idea that isn’t offered please let me know and I’ll ask my guy.

NEW HI VIS Swag info

If you want a surveyor’s vest, you will need to purchase your own then get the custom decaling done by contacting Lanaya for details.

Hello fellow NARA Members! Here are the NEW HI VIS Swag info.

Please include style number, size, call sign, your name, address, phone number, amount deposited

Please add $20 per item for taxes,  and $50 per item for decals (call sign, logo & “radio communications” )

***ALL decals will be places as per safety guidelines – and will be reflective ***

Please send payment to:

I will take orders until May 1.

I am also taking orders for regular SWAG as well.

Please note** I do work 8 – 15 hour days 5-7 days a week, so if I do not respond please be patient. Thank you




Please state size and how many. For t-shirts either black or blue ( like the other ones). Kids prices are included in the list.

Here is pricing, taxes extra ($3 per item)
T-shirts with crest back and call sign $18.95 add $2 for xxl-xxxxl
Tank tops with crest back and call sign $20.95 add $2 for xxl-xxxxl
Pullover hoodies with crest back and call sign $20.95 add $3 for xxl-xxxxl
Jackets with crest and call sign $59.95 add $2 for xxl, $4 for xxxl and $6 for xxxxl
ATC hat and cuff toque with call sign embroidered $16.95

Email for more info and ordering.
First batch order deadline is end of September 2022