NARA Fire Recovery Fundraising

The recent fire and evacuation of the NARA facility at 1415 Wingrove Street in Departure Bay Nanaimo has made things difficult for the club to say the least, and we are looking for some financial help from our members.  We need some additional funds to recover some costs and to create a bit of a cushion to get us through the coming months.

We have now vacated the site and all of our material is safely stored away.  Now we begin working through the next steps to get our association back on its feet.  That will take some time and likely some funding before we are finished.

We can quantify the costs for vacating the premises, that came to about $1,100.  We can’t quantify our costs to get us up and running at full speed again.  Possible costs could be meeting venues, equipment restoration (smoke damaged) and possible equipment purchases due to the that damage.  There will likely be other, as yet unidentified costs.  Having never gone through something like this we aren’t entirely confident we can identify every possible cost. A few items have been discussed regarding having Zoom available at the meetings for those who can not attend in person. A good laptop and microphones will be needed for this.

So, to cover the costs we can identify and to give us some financial room moving forward we have set a fund raising goal of $5,000.

If you are able to help out financially anything you can offer would be appreciated and put to good use.  You can make your donation by going to the NARA website using this link.

Thank you for any donation you can make!  And while we are here, thanks again to everyone that helped out with moving us out of our Departure Bay location, as my grandma always said, “many hands make light work”!