IRLP / Echolink

VE7DJA 145.430 and the Island Trunk System are serviced by the IRLP and the Echolink “Radio over IP” (ROiP) linking systems.
Echolink…. VA7ITS-R Node: 428436 (444.725 141.3 pl)
IRLP…. Node 1755
Notes: Pre-acsess code for DTMF is “00
Example: Dial 00<node#> to dial a node to connect
Dial 0073 or 73 to disconnect

VE7ISC 146.640 141.3 pl
Echolink…. VE7ISC-R Node: 706379
IRLP…. Node: 1003

Note: The EchoLink system can be accessed via home/user computer. However, you MUST be a licensed amateur to use the Echolink service. IRLP is by Repeater, Link or Conference server access only. Please click on either website for more information.