EFHW home brew antenna

There is a bit of a story and some tech details on what you see… note there are NO ground radials nor separate counterpoise on either antenna… VSWR is low to zero. The blue wire is a portable  20 meter half wave antenna suitable for POTA, Sota or portable use. Stuck it up as a 45 degree sloper.. VSWR is 1:1 and I worked Slovenia first call and then an Italian station. Was 10 over 9 into Costa Rica…short skip… 1500km-2000km… 100 watts.
The 130′ antenna is all band 80 thru 10 
The 49:1 baluns are both of different core material… the long antenna uses FT 240 52 core material and the 20 meter only uses FT 240 43 material  
Richard VA7AA